Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hobonichi Star Wars Part 2


Star Wars robots had a lot of
'personality' in the original movie... 

I'm anticipating the new Han Solo movie, 
along with many Star Wars fans...
coming out soon!

...and, how about a slug-like Crime Lord
 for a classic villain?

I am guessing some poor elephant got
stuck wearing this Bantha costume, but it 
could have been a giant puppet too.
Anybody know the answer? Still,
pretty cool... would make an
amazing pet.

The Star Wars theme got upstaged for
the granddaughter's Dance Recital. 
She did a great job on all of her 
routines, and I love seeing all the 
costumes of the participants!

I'm joining up with T Tuesday blog hop,
better late than never, over at
Altered Book Lover's blog.  Join us!

"Life is like a cup of coffee.(or tea!)
It's all about how you make it."

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Star Wars: May in my Hobonichi

Click on any image to enlarge

Hobonichi drawings this month are
inspired by Star Wars!  Some things
I've learned from the movies:
"Never underestimate the locals."

"Hey, maybe those WERE the
droids we were looking for..."

May the 4th has more than one connotation.
It's a fun play on words for "May the Force be
with you," but also the anniversary of the
Kent State shootings.

Road trip to Tennessee: visited the Loveless
Cafe with my son's family.  A 1 1/2 hour wait
to be seated! A long-standing cafe, been in
business since 1951. The southern biscuits
were 'melt-in-your-mouth' good!

We also visited a used bookstore, where I
bought a copy of Danny Gregory's book
"An Illustrated Life."  Wonderful drawings
from many artist's sketchbooks, and their
thoughts about their journals. I 
recommend it.

continuing the Star Wars
theme for the month...
wonder if I will run out of 
characters to draw?


and heroines.  I love Padme's formal
make-up. Reminds me of a Geisha.
And that elaborate hair...

My grandson is a fan of the bounty
hunter Boba Fett. Otherwise he would
not even be on my 'radar.'

Luke Skywalker wishing for adventure...

When we were driving home from Tennessee,
I spotted a house with about 25 pink flamingos
out front. It was so funny...and made me think
of a gift idea for my mom for Mother's Day.

I counted 5 beverage cups in my post today, 
so I am linking up for T Tuesday over at
Altered Book Lover's blog. Stop by for
adventures and a chat!

Bumper sticker seen on the road:
"Dead men tell no tales."
Does that mean "Don't mess with me," or--
the driver is a PIRATE?!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Eccentric Eyes

April is almost over...
Fake Me is almost done with
Stop by for a peek!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hobonichi Drawings

This dahlia flower was only penciled-in
last week...

I love the loopy center petals that
aren't quite open.

Wonky coffee cups for my beverage
today -- to link up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth,

Went to my first ever Urban Sketchers event
on Earth Day, at Bicentennial Park along the 
Scioto River in Columbus, Ohio.
Drawing buildings is a lot harder than I 
anticipated! It's a beautiful park, and finally
the weather cooperated and was warmer!

I did a pen and watercolor drawing in an
8 1/2 x 11 sketchbook, spent about 2 hrs on it.
This little sketch in my Hobonichi is 
about two inches high...

You can tell from the photo that the 
proportions of my sketch are off, but it's
a learning experience...

Having the photo to
compare to is helpful, and I could certainly
do another drawing from it if desired.

Still enjoying the flower prompts
of the Hobonichi Challenge 
this month...

I've also been journaling as someone else for
the month of April, over at my other blog
to see what's happening there.

Happy Tuesday!

If you counted twelve beverage cups
last week in my post, you were right!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hobonichi Planner Doodles

Click on any image to enlarge

Have you ever noticed that the planning
for and anticipation of an event is 
half the fun?  I agreed to do a
Doodle Demo at a Planner Event
in Columbus, Ohio
last week. I really had no idea what
to expect...

I made four posters with doodle designs
penciled in, so I could easily see the steps
to go through as I demonstrated. How nervous
would I be? Would anyone even want to try?
So happy that the group was enthusiastic
to try drawing!  I confessed that many of the
designs were straight from Pinterest (though
the Pins don't always give you a step-by-step) 

The coffee icons were fun to do, but most of us
agreed that we make it at home. One person
asked about tea, and I did have a tea bag
drawing example to show! A couple of people
were delighted by the coffee and toast
doodles that I draw from breakfast. Toast 
is pretty easy to draw...

I think the really important part of the 
Toast Doodle is 'dropping down' those little
lines at each rounded corner to create the
 'thickness' of the toast. Add a few 
lines to suggest the crust, a few dots
 to suggest the texture of the bread,
 and add color. It's gonna be 
pretty small in your planner, and it's not a
fine art piece. It's just for fun! I did add a 
couple little shadows in the last step with
gray watercolor. (make sure the shadows on
each item are on the same side)
And I'm ok with wonky and sketchy!

I feel that I need some new purple watercolor.
I'm not a fan of purple to begin with, and 
mixing it with the colors I have seems to
really dull the hue and look muddy. I need a
'bluer' version of purple. I thought the violets
and the lavender just aren't the right color.
But I can live with it.

Above, is what happens when I'm behind
in my daily journaling. I make
 notes on the page about what happened
that day, what got done, what didn't.
 The drawings might come later. 
Doodles may get added in later also-
even weeks later if I spot a blank space
that I think needs filled.

I hope you will try making some coffee
-or tea- doodles today. Thanks for stopping
by. Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for our weekly T party. Join us for a
beverage and a chat!

P.S.  I think this might be a new record for the 
number of cups in one post...how many did you see?

♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Hobonichi Flowers and Snow

Flowers are blooming in my
Hobonichi planner this month.

But the actual weather in Ohio has
still been cold. Mother nature is fickle.

We are really tired of snow...

haha, ever find a mis-spelled word after the fact?! had to go
back and fix "April" in my Planner!

I'm working on another project this month:
International Fake Journal Month.
to see what my fake character is

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Tuesday. The vintage coffee cup is
a lot smaller than the mugs from which
 I usually drink my coffee and tea! 
What beverage are you drinking today?