Tuesday, May 16, 2017

T is for TECHO and Trivia

Trivia is defined in my Webster's
Dictionary as "unimportant matters."
My Hobonichi Techo is the place for my
own daily trivia...stuff that is 'important'
only to me. 

Still enjoying learning about these
unfamiliar (to me) fruit that were part
of the Hobonichi Challenge. The
drawings make for colorful pages!

Went to see the movie
Guardians of the Galaxy 2...
not as good as the first movie, but
fabulous special effects and music.
The plot was a bit...I don't know...
choppy?...forced? Still enjoyable 
for Science Fiction lovers, though.
Baby Groot simply stole the show!

Our family had a wonderful Mother's Day,
and I hope yours did too.  I wish I had
taken some photos, but alas I didn't
think to take my camera. 

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 to see the variety of beverages and
 activities that our blogger friends have 
been up to: travels, creativity, swaps, restaurant
visits, vintage, baking, and beverages.

My choice of beverage is usually coffee, and even
 though the blog hop is called Tea Tuesday, our hostess
graciously permits other beverages! (*smiles sweetly*)

♥ ♥ ♥

 "A coffee a day keeps
the Grumpy away!"

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pre-Doodling for my Techo

Morning coffee and my Hobonichi Techo...

...and painting in some doodles that I drew
in pen while watching TV. They come in 
handy to add a little 'arty interest'
to my journal entries.

I realize that my pages are crazy 'busy.'
I pack as much onto these little pages 
as possible.  Above, the watermelon page
before it was finished.

And here you can see quite a bit more
was added to the page. That's just how I
roll.  The stickers on the left were unearthed
among children's supplies. I think these babies
might be over 30 years old, from Hallmark.
And they still stick!!  so...I am a supply 
hoarder, I admit it.

Loving the Hobonichi Challenge this month
(from April Wu on Instagram) which is fruit.
Cheerful and pretty subjects to draw, and
I'm learning about a few fruit that I 
might want to try, like Mangosteen. Not 
sure it is available fresh in the U.S. though...
have you ever tried it?

Anyone else remember that old song
"put the lime in the coconut and 
drink it all up?!"

I seem to be using more Washi tape and
collage in my Hobonichi this year. I think
this journal will be even bulkier than
my 2016 edition.

And here is the partial page for today,
lest you think the entries are done all
in one sitting.  Actually, the page may get
added to a little at a time during the day; 
often just notes about what got 
accomplished or what happened. Then
I finish it up the following morning.  It's 
interesting to try to 'notice' how you
proceed with your journal pages. It is often
intuitive, and you have trouble explaining to
someone else how it happened!
Do you follow a planned process when 
you make art, or does it just 'happen?'

Linking up for the T Tuesday blog hop.
I recommend you stop by for a cuppa
and a chat. There might even be
baked goodies...you never know!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Techo Tuesday

Art journaling every day in my
Hobonichi Techo keeps me busy,
and happy...

even when I have "one of those days"
where I can't seem to focus or 
remember anything! I write and draw
about it, and it's like therapy.

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Tuesday, where we share a 
beverage and have a chat. Can you spot
my coffee cup sketches? (and a 
sweet roll!?)

Got some cool collage goodies from
some mixed media friends, and into
the Hobonichi they went!

The Hobonichi Challenge (by April Wu)
on Instagram is up for May. It features a
different fruit each day. Several I've never
heard of, so Google will have to help
with that...it will be fun and educational to
illustrate each one on the appropriate day.

And you can see, above right, that some
days get filled in at a later time...maybe 
because it was a busy day, or maybe because
I didn't know what to draw/write. Blank
spaces do get filled eventually!

The month of April was the month of 
International Fake Journal Month. At my
dreamed up a Fake character, who would
draw about what she saw and experienced.
It was a tough one for me to identify with, 
but the response from my readers 
seems to indicate that it struck a cord.
In a week or so, I will be doing a Wrap-Up,
where I will explain all ~ and my conclusions
about the project.  Stop by to see what
the Faking was all about!

Welcome to all my visitors...what are
you doing to be creative these days?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hobonichi Techo Illustrations

Illustrations in my Hobonichi Techo
are mostly about my day...including
the fact that I gotta have that
morning coffee to feel human!

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Quote stolen (like an artist) from Pinterest!

Lots of images today, so I won't add
much commentary...

I love finding vintage stuff at
any thrift store!

Sorry for the wonky scan...
you can click on the image to
enlarge.  I had several days running
of madly working on favors for a
women's retreat, just to get them
done in time.

Even a bit of painted fabric
can go into my Hobonichi. I think this
one will be even chunkier than 
last year's!

When I don't have much to write,
the doodles can get elaborate!

The apple blossoms were
so beautiful!

I learned to run a chain saw.  I suspect
the electric one we bought is easier
to manage than one powered by
gasoline. And it can be safely stored
in our basement. I was pretty sore
the next day, and still more to do.
Little steps...

I've also been creating a Fake Journal
this month. Stop by
to see who my character is.

What about you, what are you up to?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Details Matter

Drawing done in Sharpie extra fine pen
for my Fake Journal 2017.
Your can see more of this year's
posts and art work at

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Techo Tuesday: Coffee and Plants

Recurring themes in my Hobonichi seem
to be coffee, plants, and food...

with maybe some monsters and
quotes thrown in!

It's challenging to keep up with my
Hobonichi this month, as I am also
doing the Fake Journal project too.
I do a drawing every day, in character
with whatever fake identity I chose.
to see what I've done so far this month,
and try to guess my identity!

Thankful for the cheerful, pretty flowers
my hubby bought for me, and for
warming temperatures and sunshine!

Now we need to get busy picking up sticks
and removing this 'little' project from 
our yard. It's a bit soggy out there
right now, but we'll do a little bit
at a time. What's your latest project?

Linking up to T Tuesday over at 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog...
stop by for a beverage and a chat!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

T is for Techo Journaling

Sharing my coffee in my Hobonichi Techo
with you today...

and how about a scone to go with it?
Perhaps you'd like to forgo the

Last week you got a peek at the
"tree stump page" before it was finished.
I added some tiny vintage images
and a Spring quote.

I admit that I am fascinated by Frida Kahlo's
image, art and history. I can't seem to capture
her features in correct proportion, but I
will keep trying. I am pleased with the 
colorful background to set off the black
and white ink drawing. Guess I should
have done a pencil sketch first. I just 
jumped in with my pen...

Some cute bunnies...

Monsters and a butterfly on the same page.
Weird. I know. The flowered paper covers
some journaling that is private.
(It works when you don't know how to blur
the image digitally...😏)

The butterfly and freesia were prompts
from The Hobonichi Challenge on Instagram.
The ticket is from a high school musical that we
attended. Brought back memories of when my
kids were in musicals. Hectic, but good times.

Breakfast sketches yet again, as I usually
 journal in the morning. Another unfinished page
with space to fill. Because I pretty much
feel I have to fill it up!! I admire artistic
negative spaces, but have difficulty making
that happen myself. Just not my style I guess.

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Day. Click on the link to visit the
blog hop and see what's up.

Oh, just one more thing.
(To quote the old TV detective Columbo)
April is International Fake Journal Month!
I hope you will join me in April at
see who/what my fake character will
draw in April!  Maybe you'd even like
to try IFJM yourself. Visit here.
Happy Spring!